write 2 journals 250 words for each

read some assigned reading then answer questions.

more information will be provided.

gender changes

Answer each question with atleast 120 words


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#1: What story is Katie Couric trying to tell you about gender?

2: What significant societal changes have occurred regarding gender in the last 20 years?

3: What did you learn from Katie’s journey through the gender revolution?

#4: What has been the societal impact of this change in thinking about gender, and why?

itsd427 week 4

I have attached the necessary directions to complete the questions. This weeks question will build on to the previous two questions that you have completed.


By the second day of this module week, claim one radioisotope that you will be researching and sharing in the forum. A few examples are Carbon-14, Krypton-85, and Iodine-131.

This is a first-come, first-serve assignment (no duplicates), so claim your radioisotope as soon as possible in this discussion forum by submitting a post with the radioisotope and your name.

Once you have claimed your radioisotope, post your answers to the following questions, please complete your initial post no later than the fourth day of this module week.

You will post answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the name of your radioisotope and what are its key properties? include the physical form (particulate or gas), type of radiation emitted (alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray, neutron), and radioactive half-life.
  2. How is your radioisotope used (i.e., medicine, industry, consumer products, military, etc.) and why is it so well suited for this application? Be sure to indicate if your radioisotope is in solution (medical cocktail) or in a device (nuclear gauge, handheld lead analyzer, etc.).
  3. What controls or protective measures are required to minimize your radiation exposure/dose for the form and type of radiation emitted from your solution or device (shielding, protective clothing, etc.), and is it an internal or external hazard, or both?
  4. What portable instruments or other methods (leak test, liquid scintillation counter) are useful in detecting/measuring the radiation from your device?
  5. What is a personal dosimetry badge, and would you be required to wear one while handling your radioisotope and device? Read this helpful information about dosimetry solutions (Landauer). (Links to an external site.)
  6. Can you share a case study where your radioisotope was involved in an accident or incident where there was harm to humans or the environment?

complete 750 word edication assessment tigra

Write a 750-1000 word reading assessment plan that includes creating and delivering instruction addressing diverse learning strengths and needs, as well as creating opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in different ways.

Be sure to include how assessments influence classroom environments.

Use 3-5 scholarly sources to support your plan. Include examples of two formal and two informal assessments that you might use in your classroom that can be differentiated for diverse populations, and that would measure vocabulary, fluency, or comprehension.

The assessments need to be created, but generic enough to be used in other units. For example, a “ticket out the door” and a “KWL” are examples of informal assessments that can be used to check comprehension (choose assessments other than the two mentioned).

All four of your assessments need to be created and included in the assignment. Attach them to the end of your paper and submit the plan as one deliverable.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required

module 08 written assignment fluid and electrolyte exemplars 3

Please complete the Fluid and Electrolyte exemplar table in its entirety.


poems reading discussion

we are going to read three short but intense and very popular poems: “Not Waving but Drowning,” “We Real Cool,” and “Harlem,” all of which are very well known and often anthologized in our high school literature books throughout the country. Please take the time–and by having very few things to read, I feel I have provided the time for you–to listen to these on Youtube. I am not saying you will like all three, but, if not all three, no doubt one or two of them I am sure you will.

After having explored these poems thoroughly–by reading them and then listening to them being read on YouTube–please read over the discussion questions and address several of those that are of interest to you. Be certain to answer one or more of those posting by other students in the class. A discussion is a sharing of opinions and feelings about what we read, so postings by every student alone does not constitute a discussion. Going to a discussion prepared–that is having read the assigned materials–means you are ready then to read student posts and respond to those that inspire you to reply in some sort of way, agreement or disagreement either one. When we disagree with a fellow student, we are always kind and tolerant–if you have an issue with that attribute, let me suggest reading Maya Angelou. If you read her words of wisdom, you almost can not help being a better person.

Read the three poems several times, listen to them, and then discuss some of the following questions with the other students in the class. As always be certain to reply to TWO other students’ posts.

First, which poem did you like the best? Why?

What is “Not Waving but Drowning” about? If you watched the Youtube video did this help at all?

In “We Real Cool” Brooks is writing about an attitude. What is the attitude she is writing about?

Can you find that attitude today? Where?

Are there words in Brooks’ poem you might have to look up?

“Harlem” has always been a very popular poem.

What is the mood conveyed by the poem?

Do the words or images help create that mood?

Are the poem’s similes vivid? Do these similes convey images or ideas or both?

Please give examples for all of your responses–as always, more is better.

write a 650minimum essay

To write a cause and effect essay, you’ll need to determine a scenario in which one action or event caused certain effects to occur. Then, explain what took place and why! This essay allows us to identify patterns and explain why things turned out the way that they did.

How do I choose a topic and get started? Try choosing a major event, either in your own life or an event of historical significance. For example, The Great Depression.

Cause of The Great Depression: stock market crash

How would we elaborate? We’d discuss the behaviors, carelessness, errors, and even cultural attitudes that led to the crash—explaining why it was devastating.

Effects of the Great Depression: joblessness & poverty

What should we say about the effects?

Businesses went under—explain HOW the crash caused this

Describe poverty in detail—explain how this could’ve been handled more efficiently or even avoided

Narrowing a Large Topic

In a short essay, it might be difficult to tackle the cause and all of the many effects of a big event like the Great Depression. To narrow a cause and effect topic down to a manageable size, ask yourself…

What’s the main (most important) cause? Most people attribute it to the stock market crash, so that’s a good place to start.

Can I break the different types of effects down into categories? Yes! I’ll break my ideas down into categories like: economic, social, employment, practical, and morale effects. (example below)

Which category interests me the most? “Practical effects” is the most interesting. I’ll narrow the topic of my paper down so that my essay will now be about how the stock market crash affected the practical ways that people lived their lives during the Great Depression.

Can that category be broken down even further to make the topic more manageable? I’m actually interested in the ways that the Great Depression affected the farming industry. I want to talk about the new skills and methods that farmers were forced to learn and implement, as a result of their difficult situation.

write a 650minimum essay

3 pages papers with references on either a leadership or management theory model

Write a minimum of 3 pages papers with References on either a leadership or management theory/model used to support a project or manage people or manage goals.

Note: Times New Roman 12 point font, 1.5” spaced, 1” margins RLTB, graduate level writing – grammar, spelling, punctuation will be graded as well.

1. Describe the Project(See the attachment for project history)

2. Delineate a brief history and describe the leadership or management theory/model you choose. Cite benefits or adverse effects. ( Use the Situational Leadership model)

3. Develop two approaches using the model or theory for managing the project include the context (BSU, Graduate program, etc) and your rationale for selecting the leadership or management theory/model. Support your choice with data, information and/or peer-reviewed articles or journals. (Supporting & Delegating approaches)

4. Conclusion or Recommendation.

5. Cite References using APA Manual (must have at least 3 references)

discussion 3078

Describe a decision tree by using a business example. Please explain why the decision tree helps leaders make decisions.

I recommend your initial posting to be between 200-to-300 words.