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What three “inadequate” solutions were listed for teaching students how to incorporate and weave in information from outside sources?

Hi students,

Please answer the following questions. You may do this with another person–if so, please be sure that both names are on the submission, and that each person use a different text color. You may email this to me if you do this as a google doc. I would like the last question to be answered by both of you–if you have a difference in view, record it!

The article argues that a research project is not an exercise in information gathering, but an act of ____? Describe how they support this argument:

How are audiences formed?

How do S&S define the aims of the research paper?

How does one determine the underlying aims of a research paper?

What is the general structure of most research papers?

What is the student vs. teacher view of research paper? Do you agree/disagree with this? Why?

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