The cells that make up myelin and astrocytes are collectively considered glial cells. They are supporting cells that help keep neurons working properly. Think: TV show producer supporting the star or the defensive line coach supporting the defensive line.

Some recent research has shown that they may even be able to send signals and be part of the way the brain sends information.

They are super important. To drive that home€¦Can you find any diseases or disorders that are linked to malfunction or loss of glial cells? In other words, what happens if they aren’t there and working properly?


Thanks for sharing your knowledge surrounding Lithium. This is one drug, that I have not been exposed to or know that much about so it was good information to review. Overall, after reviewing your post, this drug seems to not only be affective at treating these types of mood disorders but also has minimal side and withdrawal effects that are determinantal to the person taking the drug. It appears that the drug only suppresses manic and bipolar moods since the major withdrawl effect reverts to the display of these types of behaviors. Do you know or have you known anyone that has taken Lithium to treat these types of disorders? If so, what do you think are the most benefits to that individual in their daily routine or social functionality?



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