Neurotransmitters is associated with sleep-mood-attention

1. Which of the following cell types does HIV preferentially infect?

A) helper T cells
B) natural killer cells
C) phagocytic cells
D) B cells

2. Put the following parts of a nerve cell in the sequence that a signal would pass through them: synaptic terminal, dendrite, axon, cell body

A) axon ? cell body ? dendrite ? synaptic terminal
B) synaptic terminal ? cell body ? axon ? dendrite
C) dendrite ? cell body ? axon ? synaptic terminal
D) cell body ? axon ? synaptic terminal ? dendrite

3. The movement of an action potential along a neuron is most like

A) a radio tower emitting a signal
B) a crowd at a sporting event doing the wave around the stadium
C) the siren of an ambulance spreading out as the vehicle travels quickly down a highway
D) the ripples created by dropping a pebble in a pond

4. In the human body, you are most likely to find electrical synapses located in the

A) brain
B) spinal cord
C) skeletal muscles
D) heart

5. Which of the following neurotransmitters is associated with sleep, mood, attention and learning?

A) serotonin
B) epinephrine
C) endorphins
D) norepinephrine

6. Teenagers lack development of the ____________________ of the cerebrum which functions in _____________________.

A) frontal lobe; reading and speech
B) frontal lobe; evaluating consequences and planning for the future
C) parietal lobe; reading and speech
D) parietal lobe; evaluating consequences and planning for the future

7. Realizing that you did not study as much as you needed to for this exam, you begin your test. However, it is difficult to concentrate because your heart is racing, your stomach seems tied in a knot, you are breathing quickly and your mouth is dry. Most likely you are experiencing the effects of the

A) somatic nervous system
B) sympathetic nervous system
C) parasympathetic nervous system
D) central nervous system

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