Bio-terrorism bio-security

Topic: Bio-terrorism bio-security

Please answer the following in a complete, yet concise manner using APA format
for your citations and references. Please double space your responses and use
no less than 12 pt font (Arial or Times New Roman).

Research (using sources from class and independent research) and answer the
1. In the context of this course, what is the difference between:
a. A bacteria and a virus
b. Morbidity and mortality
c. Virulence and pathogenicity
d. Dissemination and transmission
e. A biocrime and bioterrorism

2. What is Linnean binomial nomenclature? Give three examples with correct
usage of a Category A, B, or C priority agent.

3. Intentional covert release of a biological threat agent and a suIDen
outbreak of an emerging infectious disease (EID) can each have major national
and international ramifications. Yet how does one distinguish between a
bioattack and a naturally occurring epidemic? Compare and contrast the
epidemiological indicators such as disease presentation in a given population,
number of patients, unusual presentations and unusual response to a treatment
between a covert bioattack and an EID epidemic. (Google research hint:
epidemiology biologic agent)

4. What factors might a terrorist consider when selecting a bioagent for use in
an attack?

Alibek, K. (1999), Biohazard Dell Publishing.
Carroll, M. C. (2005), Lab 257, HarperCollins.
Preson, R. (2002), The Demon in the Freezer,Random House.



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