From Page to Stage to Reel: Beckett on Film

In Imelda Whelehan’s chapter "Adaptations:The contemporary dilemmas", she notes that Geoffrey Wagner "is perhaps one of the first commentators to identify three types of adaptation: transposition€¦; commentary€¦; analogy" ("Adaptations" 8). Consider one of the films we have examined this term (the Beckett on Film adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s Play’, the Beckett on Film adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s Not I’ or the BBC adaptation of Not I’)and provide an argument about the adaptation in terms of your classification of it using Wagner’s terminology.

If the essay is on Not I’ speak about the Beckett on Film adaptation and then reference and speak less so on the BBC adaptation of Not I".

Out of 10 sources/references, no limit on internet sources if they are ebooks, online journels/articles/books. If the source is a specific website, maximum of 4 for that.

Some Critical essays I have looked at myself in relation to this essay:
Henri Bergson, Matter and Memory
Gilles Deleuze, The Exhausted
Imelda Whelehan, Adaptations
Matthew Davies, Someone is looking at me still: The Audience €“ Creature Relationship in the Theater Plays of Samuel Beckett

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