Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA)

Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA)

Question 1:
Using the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) document titled Definitions of Terrorism aIDress the following: International and national agencies have a difficult time defining the term terrorism. Discuss in one concise paragraph the reason(s) underlying the problem in creating a universal definition. Then, select a total of two definitions-one defination from each of two different entities-to illustrate difference and/or similarities between those definitions.

Question 2: What is Linnean binomial nomenclature? Give a total of three examples with correct usage by selecting one organism each from the Category A,B, or C priority agent list.

Question 3: Consider the NIAID definitions for Category A, B, and C priority pathogens. Describe in your own words the differences between each category. Consider carefully your use of terms such as dissemination, morbidity, transmission etc and work toward their proper usage in your short 5-6 line response.

Question 4: What factors might a terrorist consider when selecting a biological threat agent for use in an attack?

Question 5: Intentional covert release of a biological threat agent and a suIDen outbreak of an emerging infectious disease (EID) can each have major national and international ramifications. Yet how does one distinguish between a bioattack and a naturally occurring epidemic? Compare and contrast the epidemiological indicators such as disease presentation in a given population, number of paients, unusual presentations and unusual response to treatment between a covert bioattack and an EID epidemic. (Google researach hint: empdemiolgy biologic agent).

Homework q6 pertains to question 4.

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