Admission Essay for Human Development & Leadership master’s program

  1. 1.      Reasons for Choosing the Human Development and Leadership Master’s Program

Conventional knowledge says that “leaders are not made, they are born”. Basing on this premise, it is my contention that I was born a leader and I only need to look for avenues to awaken the leadership in me. In this regard, I believe that the Human Development and Leadership master’s program is one of the avenues that can help awaken my innate leadership. I believe that the program will play an instrumental role in nurturing my leadership skills and prepare me for the challenging task that awaits leaders once they begin practice. Another reason for choosing the HDL program draws from my belief that, at present, the corporate world faces a substantial shortage of business leaders. It is evident that the present-day business world of full of managers, who are only equipped with the skills needed to meet the corporation’s bottom line, which in most cases is profitability. These business managers often lack adept leadership skills that are needed to envision and spur growth in corporations. Basing on this line of think, it is my belief that enrolling for the HDL master’s program equip with adept business skills that are currently required in the business world. Another reason for choosing the HDL master’s program is that I draw personal satisfaction from helping others and seeing them achieve their goals and succeed. In the light of this view, I believe that the HDL master’s is the first step towards my personal satisfaction, this is because the program will equip me with the necessary skills needed to empower and develop other people to see them achieve their goals.

  1. 2.      Career Goals

i.            To acquire enough expertise in Human Development and Leadership in order to effectively aIDress any potential challenges during practice;

ii.            To strategically rise to a position in an organization where I can be mandated to lead a team, and eventually rise to be lead the organization

iii.            To acquire enough knowledge and satisfy my thirst for knowledge with regard to human leadership and development

  1. 3.      How the HDL Master’s Program Will Help Me to Achieve My Career Goals

After completing the program, I believe I will have acquired sufficient knowledge in human development and leadership needed to practice in the capacity of a leader. Specifically, the HDL program will provide me with an understanding of the best practices when it comes to leading groups and facilitating effective group processes. Armed with this knowledge, it is my contention that I will strategic rise to a leadership position on any organization. Besides acquiring knowledge regarding leadership practices in group dynamics, I believe that after completing the program, I will be able to understand my personal leadership tendencies and strengths and work towards leadership based on developing and empowering others.

  1. 4.      An Explanation of the Lower GPA

The lower GPA in my case can be attributed to health problems for nearly two terms, which resulted in my GPA dropping significantly. In aIDition, I have had several family issues that have significantly affected my studies. The family problems were a motivating factor to pursue my life goals. Nevertheless, the ordeals pointed out my patience and perseverance because I managed to continue with my studies and never gave up.

  1. 5.      Reasons Why I Will Be Successful In A Graduate Level Course Of Study

I will be successful in completing the graduate level study because I am motivated to achieve my life and career goals. My family status is a source of motivation for me to pursue my life dreams. In aIDition, I will be able to complete the course successfully because of I have perseverance and determination. I have always been consistent on achieving my goals in the past and completing the HDL program is not any different.

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