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As a registered nurse it will be expected that you will provide quality evidence based care to your patients and be able to critically evaluate your own practice. The

abilit not only to source relevant information but to be able to critically analyse its content and determine its quality and rigour is vital in the dev elopment of your

critical literacy. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to summarise and critique an article and draw other literature to relate itto the larger context

ofthe health system in Australia. Task Read the following article: Hayter, M $3113, Editorial: The UK Francis Report: the key messages for nursing’,Journal of Adv

anced Nursing, vol. 69, no. 8, e1-e3. is reading is available online via the e-reader link. This link can be found on the course home page. The full report may be

accessed via the link below: Write an article critique which containsthe following elements: o Introduction which includes background on the topic and article details;

o Summary of the main points discussed in the article; o Critique which ev aluates the ideas and evidence in the article and relatesthem to the larger context of the

health system in Australia; o Conclusion summarising the main points of the article review. Further information The purpose of this article critique is to provoke

thought and influence the readerto consider your ideas/opinions. The use of aIDitional, relev ant literature to support your critique is expected. The assignment

should be written as an essay using paragraphs.

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