ln ModulesNVeeks1 ,4, and 6, you will participate in Discussion Board Forums by 1) posting a

Healthcare deliver systems

Develop an argument based on the readings, aIDressing the following issues:

1. How do public health and healthcare de ivery systems

complement and compete with each other?

2. Who are the influential parties and opinion leaders in the components ofthese systems at the

various levels?

3. Where are the consistencies and inconsistencies ofthese systems with Scripture? (hint: widows, orphans, work,



thread in response to the stated prompt, and 2) posting replies in response to classmates’threads. The forum topics present
thought-provoking questions and prompt you to build upon and apply the module/week’s readings. Each forum is designed to enhance your
learning experience as you assimilate and wrestle with the content ofthe readings, analyze the issues, write about your ideas,
perspectives, and concerns, and receive feedback from your classmates. Botht e frequency of your participation and the depth ofthe content
that you write will affect your grade. Use the Discussion Board Grading Rubricto improve the quality of your contributions and followthe
specific requirements described below.


For each forum, post a thread in response to the topic prompt provided. Yourthread must

contain 400-500 words. This limit promotes writing that isthorough yet concise enough to permit your peersto read all the posts. Each
thread must adhere to current AMAwriting guidelines, and any references included in the thread must be formatted in currentAMA style.
Since this is a personal discussion, you are allowed to use first person perspective; however, you must maintain professional decorum in all
your posts. Note that the grammer and capitalization characteristics oftext messages and Facebook postings are not typically consistent
with AMAwriting guidelines.

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