Functions Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM)

Functions Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM)

1. Healthcare is a constantly evolving field, and so are the job duties and responsibilities of healthcare workers. Please explain the process and importance of job analysis €“ who conducts it, what method(s) can be used, and what information is derived? How is this information utilized in the organization’s other HR functions? When should an organization consider conducting a job analysis?

2. Define Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) and its functions. What is its purpose, and what is the benefit to organizations? Briefly discuss the SHRM model. What are some SHRM trends, and what are some ways that they differ from traditional HR practices?

3. We have established that healthcare is a rapidly changing field that is highly dependent on healthcare professionals. Experts warn of a looming shortage of nurses and physicians as our population ages and more and more people access health services. Describe how healthcare is unique in its use of professionals. What are some of the characteristics that make healthcare professionals expensive and in high demand? What are some of the factors contributing to a future nursing shortage? What are organizations doing to try and combat this?

4. Describe workforce planning and its importance. What is its purpose, and how has it evolved? What organizations or government entities typically oversee workforce planning? Who or what are some barriers to workforce planning in the U.S. that have kept us behind other countries?

5. The healthcare field may be viewed as a complex legal environment, and future managers and leaders are wise to be aware of the potential pitfalls. Please pick a) discrimination, orb) sexual harassment. Briefly explain types of behavior that can put the organization at risk of a lawsuit. What can an organization’s leadership do to minimize the likelihood of being sued?

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