Find the height and weight percentiles at 18mo

Part I: Read through the following case study and answer the questions.

You have recently become a Registered Dietitian employed at a family practice clinic. One of your responsibilities is to weigh and measure patients and assess their growth.

Today, a 24-month old girl named Amanda comes to the clinic; she is 34” tall and weighs 33 lbs. Using the appropriate WH0 Growth Grids for Girls (link below), determine what percentile Amanda falls into for both height and weight. (NOTE: This may be an estimation; for example, it may fall between one or two of the standard growth curves. Remember that percentiles can go no higher than 100.)

You also have access to her previous measurements. They are:

Age: 18 months – Weight:28 lbs. Height: 32″12 months – Weight 23 lbs. Height 29.5″9 months – Weight 20 lbs. Height 27.5″

Find the height and weight percentiles at 18mo, 12mo, and 9 mo. Plot these measurements using age on the X axis and the weight percentile on the Y axis. On the same graph, plot the age (X-axis) and height percentile (Y-axis). Your graph will have 2 lines.

Submit your graph and, in 250-300 words, analyze Amanda’s growth and weight. For example, do the height and weight plots follow a similar patterns? Do they stay between the same percentiles, or are they different? What does this indicate? Finally, what is your advice to Amanda’s parents?

Part II:

1. I have eating habits that are different from those of my family and friends.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

2. I cannot go through the day without worrying about what I will or will not eat.Almost AlwaysSometimesRarelyNever

3. I prefer to eat alone or when I am sure that no one will see me.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

4. I make excuses (e.g. “I already ate”, “I am not feeling well”, etc.) so that I will not have to eat with friends and family.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

5. I have uncontrollable eating binges during which I consume large amounts of food and afterwards I make myself vomit.NeverLess than once a week1-6 times a weekOnce or more a day

6. I find myself cutting up my food into tiny pieces, hiding food so people will think I ate it, chewing it and spitting it out without swallowing it and/or keeping hiIDen stashes of food.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

7. I have determined that there are certain “safe” foods that are okay for me to eat, and “bad” foods that I refuse to eat.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

8. I become angry when others show interest in what I eat and pressure me to eat more.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

9. I am afraid that no one would understand my fears about food and eating, so I keep these feelings to myself.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

10. I enjoy cooking gourmet meals and/or high calorie foods for others, but I would never eat them myself.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

11. I go through long periods of time without eating (fasting) or eating very little as means of weight control.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

12. My friends tell me that I am thin, but I do not believe them because I feel fat.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

13. I would panic if I got on the scale and found out that I had gained weight.Almost AlwaysSometimesRarelyNever

14. I use laxatives or diuretics as a means of weight control.NeverRarelySometimesOn a regular basis

15. I have an overwhelming fear of gaining weight.TrueFalse

16. I exercise excessively to try to lose weight and I become anxious if I miss a workout.TrueFalse

17. It is very important that I am thinner than all of my friends.Almost AlwaysSometimesRarelyNever

18. I am unable to maintain a weight that is considered healthy and consistent with my build, age and height.TrueFalse

19. (Females only) My menstrual period has stopped or become irregular due to no known medical reasons.TrueFalse

20. I can spend hours reading books or magazines about dieting, exercising, fitness, or calorie counting.OftenSometimesRarelyNever

21. I have felt depressed and irritable lately, and spend most of my time alone.TrueFalse

22. I tend to be a perfectionist; I am not satisfied unless things are perfect.OftenSometimesRarelyNever.

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