Discuss increased importance for patient x to start diet

Patient X’s doctor has been trying to convince him to practice better lifestyle habits to for several years to help combat his hypertension (on antihypertensive medication for 3 years), diabetes (6 years) and growing waistline. A recent routine check-up revealed a deterioration of his lipid profile (TC 260, TG 310, HDL 29, LDL 170) and fasting glucose of 172. Patient X is 55 years old, weighs 245 lbs and he is 5’10 .
1) In light of the new results, discuss the increased importance for Patient X to start a diet, quit smoking and increase physical activity in line with his doctor’s recommendations?
2) Describe some approaches that might make Patient X employing these new behaviors more likely Describe the desired outcomes after 6 months?

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