Lit-based case study anaylsis

Lit-based case study anaylsis

Business and Management
Paper instructions:
For this assignment, complete the following steps:
Identify, locate, and synthesize reputable literature sources that describe an implemented, emergent, or managed change within a real world organization.

Use this synthesized literature to create a case study of the organizational change including the elements:
1. Organizational background
2. Mission
3. Purpose
4. Operating environment
5. Identified problem/issue driving the need/opportunity for change
6. The change process
7. Outcome

Then analyze the case study and identify and discuss the following:
1. The emergent and/or managed change approach/es employed
2. The effectiveness of the applied approach/es
3. Obstacles that were present
4. Ways in which the approach could have been better managed
5. An alternative managed and/or emergent change approach including a rationale for your choice

One such desired research source is the utilization of LinkedIn for its application and potential use for understanding barriers to organizational change. Write at master-level, in APA style, and use at least 7 scholarly sources. One of your sources must be Organizational Theory, Design and Change by Gareth R. Jones.


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