Case Analysis of Market Basket .

Case Analysis of Market Basket .

Project instructions:
Short Paper #1: Case Analysis of Market Basket

? To demonstrate a clear and thorough understanding of the roles that government and business play in aIDressing social problems
? To demonstrate a clear and thorough understanding of the players and issues in the Market Basket case
? To demonstrate a strong ability to use the concepts learned in class to analyze a real-world situation

The Market Basket case provides a recent example of how one local business had to respond to concepts of the role and responsibilities of business in society. Using

the concepts we have studied in class and the facts of the case from the various news articles, write a 3-5 page paper that aIDresses the following questions:
? How did the various actors in the case ? the board of directors and newly appointed CEO, the ousted CEO, the company’s employees, the company’s customers, and public

officials ? view the relationship between business, government and society?
? Which aspects of Market Basket’s internal and external environment were most significant in this case? How did these factors shape what happened over the months of

the conflict?
? Which principles and elements of corporate social responsibility are most significant in this case?
? If Market Basket is to think more strategically about its corporate social responsibility in the future, which kinds of inside-out and outside-in linkages can they

focus on for maximum social impact and competitive advantage?

Be sure that you aIDress all of the questions in your paper. Do not simply answer the questions paragraph by paragraph; weave the answers together in a thoughtful

analysis of the case. Note: all information in the paper that you draw from class readings or other sources must be cited. Plagiarism on any assignment results in an

automatic 0, and other penalties may apply.

Analysing specific financial issues in a public limited company: Name of firm which is Cable & Wireless Communications plc.

Aim: To analyse and evaluate the following specific financial issues in an organisation.

Context: A friend has been to see you with the extracted financial statements of a public limited company and is asking questions about investing money into the firm:

1. Explain basically how the stock market works in specific in relation to public limited companies and also investors.
2. Explain the relationship between the firm’s financial performance and investor values. This must include Gross and Net Profit ratios; ROCE and Market Capital

3. Discuss the gearing level of the firm and the issues of debt funding for an investor. This must include the gearing ratio.
4. Summarised analysis of investing in the firm analysed and the limitation of financial information in making investment decisions.

This will all be supported by research including obtaining the appropriate financial information for an organisation, and the use of and creation and interpretation of

specific relevant ratios in supporting answers to the above questions.

Guidance Notes:
The answer should be in essay format:
1. Include separate sections: Introduction; the stock market; financial performance and investor values; gearing impact on investment; and a final summary section
2. Include a table showing the ratios worked out (can be embeIDed in the essay) €“ supporting statements must be included to show how they were calculated.
3. The analysis should include information to allow an evaluation: over a number of years; against competitor firms; with industry standards and even against forecasts

€“ if this information is available.
4. It is essential to choose a publicly limited company (plc) as the information should be readily be available.
5. The context is important in analysing the information €“ the industry, size, geographical locations, customer base.
6. Reference to texts and journals in terms of the academic views on particular corporate funding issues are important to include in supporting the evaluation.
7. The introduction should set out the main aims of the firm, a brief’ overview of the firm; in the analysis section should provide an investment decision for your

friend in the firm requested, and you also need to highlight the main issues and perhaps indicate some of the limitations with the analysis carried out.

you will have to go through the annual statement of the last 4 years of the company so from 2014 to 2010
Referencing Requirements:
use books, journals, websites, company website, Cable & Wireless Communications plc annual statement.


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