Applying Social Psychology to Understand Historical Events

Applying Social Psychology to Understand Historical Events

Project description

Unit 3 Discussion 2:
In this unit’s assignment, you are asked to use the assigned articles to analyze the historical maltreatment of psychiatric inpatients. In this discussion, you will summarize one of the articles and review the summaries of other learners to ensure you have a good grasp of the authors’ perspectives. This discussion is an opportunity to work together to prepare for your individual efforts for this unit’s assignment.
Be sure to read all three articles. (Remember, ultimately you will need to understand each article to complete the assignment). Use the Argument Analysis Worksheet provided in the Resources section to summarize either the Overbeck and Park, or Haslam article. Do the other learner’s summaries accurately reflect the article? Do they appear to understand the main points?

Read Chapter 6, Panic, Anxiety, Obsessions, and Their Disorders, pages 162€“210.

Read Chapter 2, Historical and Contemporary Views of Abnormal Behavior, pages 28€“53.

Butcher, J. N., Hooley, J. M., & Mineka, S. M. (2014). Abnormal psychology (16th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. ISBN: 9780205965090

€¢ Read Zimbardo’s 2007 article, Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment: A Lesson in the Power of Situation, from The Chronicle of Higher Education, volume 53, issue 30, page B6.
€¢ Read Overbeck and Park’s 2001 article, When Power Does not Corrupt: Superior Individuation Processes Among Powerful Perceivers, from Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, volume 81, issue 4, pages 549€“565.
Read Haslam’s 2006 article, Dehumanization: An Integrative Review, from Personality and Social Psychology Review, volume 10, issue 3, pages 252€“264.

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