Analysis modeling, Design Concepts and Architectural Design

IT210 Assignment 4 Analysis modeling, Design Concepts and Architectural Design
Part I

1. How is an ERD different from a class diagram?

2. If a software design is not a program (and it isn’t), then what is it?
3. Why not have a large module that does many things?
4. How are the concepts of coupling and software portability related? Provide examples to support your

5. In a paragraph, explain the purpose of software architecture and how it relates to design.

6. Operating systems are frequently designed using a layered architecture. Research the Linux operating
system on the Internet, and explain how it utilizes a layered architecture. What are the benefits of such



Part II Essay.

System overview

Diabetes is a medical condition where the body does not manufacture its own insulin.
Insulin is used to metabolize sugar and, if it is not available, the person suffering from diabetes will
eventually be poisoned by the build-up of sugar. It is important to maintain blood sugar levels within a safe
range as high levels of blood sugar have long-term complications such as kidney damage and eye damage.

Most diabetics are currently treated by injections of insulin 2 or 3 times a day but this leads to peaks and
troughs in their level of insulin. A portable insulin pump measures the level of blood sugar at regular
intervals and delivers doses of insulin depending on the actual level of sugar in the blood. This will lead to a
situation where the sufferer’s blood sugar levels are much closer to those of people without diabetes. The
complications and long-term effects of diabetes can therefore be reduced.
You are hired as a system engineer to analyze the automated insulin delivery system requirements. Assume that
you already developed a data flow diagram (shown as below) to represent the processing that takes place in the
insulin pump system introduced in the above. Now your task is to explain in your own words to end users how this
system works. The explanation should be in non-technical language that could be understood by either the user of
the pump or the engineer who will be building the hardware.


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