prison in new york

prison in new york
Write paper on a prison in new york state . Through any investigative means that you choose, provide a detailed analysis of the organizational structure, management, issues, and security measures of the facility. Your 8-page research paper (exclusive of the APA title and reference pages) will provide a macro understanding of how the correctional institution of your choice functions. Your research can include Internet research, state or county governmental document research, interviews, visits, etc.

At a minimum, your analyses must include at least six of the following areas of prison or jail administration:
€¢Compliance with the Constitution
€¢Corruption Prevention Methods
€¢Custody and Security
€¢Death Penalty
€¢Disciplinary Procedures
€¢Education and Vocational Training
€¢Financial Operations
€¢Gang Management
€¢Grievance Procedures
€¢Health Care
€¢Inmate Classification
€¢Intake, Discharge, Mail, and Documentation
€¢Media Relations
€¢Mental Health Care
€¢Organization and Management
€¢Personnel Management
€¢Prison Work and Industry
€¢Protective Custody
€¢Use of Force

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