The paper should describe and analyze a picture (attached) and how it affects society by using the term ideology.

The paper should describe and analyze a picture (attached) and how it affects society by using the term ideology.

Subject: Communications and Media

Final Project Details

There are several elements for this final project. It is intended for you to be creative, to conduct independent research, and to apply the concepts from this course to creations of your own visuals. Follow the steps and details below.

The final project will be due in the SJMC office (310 Academic 2) between Noon and 2 p.m. April 23, the day of the class final. There will be a box for you to place your work in the main office or you may bring your paper to my office and give it directly to me during this time in room 318A, Academic 2. I will NOT accept late work or an email.

I will keep your assignment and your grade until the third week of classes in the Fall 2013 semester. You may request a time in the summer or Fall to visit in my office about this grade and your final grades, if you have questions. I will not discuss grades over email. You will be able to take your essays with you from my office, if you would like.

1) Take a photo, a set of photographs, or make a design such as an advertisement, a meme, or another visual that somehow represents one of the following concepts: hegemony, ideology, social control, agency, culture and technological determinism. These images must be a creation of your own €“ either a photograph, design, or other visual. You may create a mash-up of other images to create your own version, but the mash-up must be at least 90 percent your own creation. Turning a color image black and white, for example, does not constitute a redesign or original concept for this assignment.

2) Place that image or set of images at the top of your document with a short description of what this image(s) is and how you created it. (About 200 words)

3) In 12,000 words, apply how this image represents the concept you have selected. Use your red textbook to make CONCEPTUAL connections to your image. This analysis should be MORE about explaining the concept in your image than about describing the image. Do not tell me that this is a picture of your home, for example, but tell me how the image talks about social control.

4) In your paper, you must use AT LEAST three authors from the red textbook to make your point about the concept you are discussing. Use MLA for your citations. Go here for details on how to follow MLA:

5) I will be happy to review a proposal for your project/paper during the week of March 25, but will not be able to answer specific questions on your project after that point if we have not had an initial conversation by that date.

6) Place your name and date on the paper and turn it in, following the formatting and directions above.

The paper has to be based in plastic surgery in the US by using the term ideology. also i have to use 4 citations of the book i will attached the lectures.the photo also will be attached and remember that i have to describe it as well. you can use online information to complement the analysis. i wanted to also highlight the top cities of plastic surgery in the US which in order are:
4.san francisco
6. baltimore
the name of the cities will appear on the pic because they are the top cities for plastic surgeries


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