Project – Final Paper

Rough Draft is already done, Need more refences 

It’s time to submit your final paper for the course project. Be sure to incorporate your faculty member’s feedback, suggestions, and corrections for a polished paper. Proofread one more time. Ask a friend to read the paper and point to any fuzzy thinking or errors in mechanics.

Check for the original project requirements in the Module 02 Course Project – Introduction.

Your final paper must be 8  pages in length. The paper should include a cover page and a thesis that lays out the main idea about your selected country’s healthcare system. Make sure your paper also has a recommendation. Your points should be supported by research from at least five different sources.

Your paper must use in-text citations with references cited in APA format in a References page at the end. (Five of these references should come from your Annotated Bibliography, but listed here without the annotations.) You can find more information on APA format in the Online Library, which is accessible through the Resources tab.


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