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This assignment will ask you to analyze your test-taking skills by studying certain aspects of a test that you recently took.

The Assignment 
Locate an exam or test that you recently took on which you did not receive a perfect score.  Take time to look over the test; particularly at the parts where you made mistakes.  Write a 3-4 paragraph response incorporating your answers to the following questions.


  1. Why do you think you answered the question(s) incorrectly or inadequately?
  2. Was guessing involved with your incorrect answer?  If so, what led you to make an incorrect guess?  After having learned what you have in this module, would you have guessed a different answer?
  3. Was time an issue regarding your performance on the test?  Did you spend more time on some parts of the test than others?  If so, what factors determined where you spent most of your time?  If you had had more time, do you think you would have gotten the right answer(s)?  What could you have done to budget your time more effectively?
  4. If an essay question was involved and you did not receive full credit, where did you fall short? What will you do differently the next time you face an essay question on a test?

A previous test that was taken and your personal experience.

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