Information System Case Study

Read the article and watch the video located at:

Answer the following questions:

  1. What is an “emerging” technology? How is the car shown in the video an example of emerging technology?
  2. How does the technology in the article/video differ from technologies used for other driverless vehicles?
    • Note: Please research this-do not simply give the brief answer found in the article.
  3. How does the vehicle make use of telecommunications?
  4. If this technology were adopted, what impacts might it have globally?



This is a research paper focused on the Case Study presented. 

– APA style (12 Times New Roman, 2.0 line spacing)

– Cover all Case Study questions

– 3-5 pages

– 5 scholarly sources NOT GENERAL INTERNET SOURCE (APA style)

– MULTIPLE EXAMPLES for each concept as well as apply COURSE CONCEPTS (From Textbook) and demonstrate CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS.

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