Perceptions of illness and disease

Perceptions of illness and disease and their causes can vary by culture. As a Health Care Practitioner, it is important to be mindful that not every cultural group subscribes to Western notions of health, illness and healing. Having an awareness of culturally influenced health behaviors will help you deliver better care. To this end, you will write a 350-400 word essay that examines the traditional medicine practices of a chosen cultural group, including that group’s appraisal of the value of Western medicine compared to its own traditional practices. Consider your workplace and the diversity of your clientele. Pick a cultural group that you interact with. Answer the following questions:What are the traditional medicine practices of your chosen cultural group?Did older generations use herbs, special foods, or magic to heal the sick?Has the group’s reliance on traditional medicine changed since being introduced to Western medicine? Have the practices themselves been adapted?Use at least one of the articles in your paper as a reference:“A Culturally Competent Model of Care for African Americans,” by Josepha Campina-

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