Education for Health Professional Practice

NSG2EHP – Education for Health Professional Practice 
Assessment 1 Guidelines 
Due date: Monday 19 March, 2018 at 0900hrs. 
Word limit: 1,000 words +- 10% (excluding reference list) 
Weighting: 30% 
Title: Report of relevant theories and strategies for a specific client/colleague and context Rationale: 
It is important to understand how appropriate teaching and learning theories and strategies may change across different topics, clients and learning environments. 
Task: Discuss the most appropriate teaching and learning theories and strategies for teaching a specific client or colleague. 
• Select a topic from the health education topics list (below). 
• Describe the significance of the specific client/colleague (e.g., age, SES, language background, year level, profession etc.) and teaching context. 
• Discuss which teaching and learning theories you think would be relevant to your chosen health education topic, client and teaching context. 
• Justify why you consider your chosen teaching and learning theories and strategies to be most effective for your health education topic with supporting evidence. 
• Consider how you would adjust your initial chosen theories and strategies for a different client (in terms of age, SES, etc.) or context. 
• Identify three learning outcomes that you consider appropriate for your client/colleague and context. 
You should include at least 13 high quality references (within the last 7-9 years). Referencing and formatting should follow APA 6 style. 
Submit your assignment through the Turnitin dropbox 
NSG2EHP – Education for Health Professional Practice 
Assessment 1 Guidelines 
Choose from one of the following: 
1. Teaching how to self-administer a sub cutaneous injection of insulin to newly diagnosed 8 year old male. 2. Skin cancer awareness for 18 year old male. 
3. Education about healthy eating and gluten free diet for a 32 year old female with newly diagnosed Celiac Disease. 
4. Education about smoking cessation for a 56 year old female with history of Asthma. 
5. Sexual health for a 16 year old female who presents to the clinic alone. 
6. How to make a hospital bed for a first year colleague on their first day on the ward. 
7. The fitting of TED stockings for a male client aged 65 years. 
8. Teaching of deep breathing coughing to a female 70 year old surgical patient pre procedure. 
9. Teaching administration of salbutamol puffer using a spacer to a 10 year old female. 
10. How to wash a newborn to new parents 
11. Teaching a colleague how to assess blood pressure 
12. Hand washing to a colleague

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