DNP Role in Population-Focused Interventions

NR704 Week 1 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2018 April

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Week 1: DNP Role in Population-Focused Interventions

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How do population interventions differ from individually focused interventions? Give an example of a holistic/biopsychosociospiritual (BPSS) intervention focused on an individual and then revise the intervention to focus on a similar population.

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Week 1: Assessing Populations

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Investigate the top four health issues for the population in your state or region. Compare these issues to Healthy People 2020. Are the issues in your area similar to or different from the national issues? If they are not congruent, what is your supposition regarding the difference. NOTE: One of these health issues will serve as the basis for your Evidence-Based Health Promotion Project.

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