Acute Pulmonary Oedema – Nursing Assignment

Acute Pulmonary Oedema – Nursing Assignment

Ms Foley is employed full time at a local supermarket. She is estranged from and has an apprehended violence order (AVO) out against her former partner. Ms Foley has support from her friends and co-workers who have been in to visit on a regular basis. The driver of the car in the accident was Ms Annie Jones, who is also admitted here in the HHHS. They are good friends and have been providing each other 
with a lot of mutual support.

1) Current smoker of approximately 10 cigarettes per day

2) Recreational drug use including IV methamphetamines and cocaine (states nil drug use in the past seven days prior to admission).

3) States she does not drink alcohol



1) Explain the nursing care that Ms Foley will require and include evidence-based rationales for how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your plan. Include in your explanation the oxygenation requirements, delivery device, and rationales incorporating related pharmacological knowledge for the state IV 40mg Frusemide order.

2) Explain the inter-professional model of care required for Ms Foley while in hospital. You are to include the most appropriate national nursing regulatory standards linked to Ms Foley’s care. A starting point is to read the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (NMBA 2016).

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