Write an argumentative essay on The concept of trust

Need an argumentative essay on The concept of trust. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.To the extent, this expectation is present, there is also risk factors that the other person may not be able to stand up to the expectations. Herein lays the risk in trust dealings.It is seen that trust is all encompassing both in organizational and personal interactions. In a nurse-provider setting it is seen in the range and diverse functions that are being carried out by the service provider towards the care and welfare of the patient.The concept of trust is present in all areas of human endeavor where there is need for one person to place trust on another, for the performance of services or actions and it is more so in the cases of nursing services where the duty of caring and saving human lives are concerned.Definition: A trust could be said to be a basis of relationship between one person and another in terms of the firm belief of the veracity, genuineness and worthiness of the relationship between one people with another. The basis of trust could therefore, be in terms of a bonding relationship between one person and another based upon the fiduciary trust between the persons.However, in the context of nursing trust, it could be defined to be the bond that exists between the client and the health care service provider. In other words, in the case nurse-client trust, the trust between the members of the immediate family of the client, or even the client himself, could be defined to be a process, which comprises of different strata’s, some of them of an evolutionary nature that exists between the client and the provider that is based on the foundation of mutual beliefs, understandings and intentions. “These six characteristics of trust between family and health care provider were identified regardless of patient age, patient condition, health care provider, health care situation, and health care setting.” (Lynn-sMcHale & Deatrick. 2000, 210-230).We shall

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