Write a systemic literature review on Health behaviour change support systems

School of Computing and Information Technology 
ISIT429/ 929 
Concepts and issues in healthcare computing 
Spring Session 2017 
Assignment 1 (Individual assignment) 
Due date: 23 August 2017 
Weighting: 20% 
Length 2000 words 
Write a systemic literature review on 
? Health behaviour change support systems 
All Behavior Change Support Systems (BCSSs) are persuasive systems, i.e. they have been designed with the intent to influence user behaviors. 
The focus of the literature review could be in one of the following areas 
-persuasive theories and models can be used to develop efficient and effective interventions (i.e. HBCSS) for different contexts in healthcare 
– persuasive decision support systems for self-care or persuasive games to support chronic care 
-evaluation methods to assess the impact of HBCSS on healthier living 
– online health education for HBCSS 
Decision support tool for patients in providing health behaviour change 
Patient education and patient empowerment 
Remote monitoring 
Health behaviour change through mobile technologies, teleconsultation and telemedicine 
You will need to search related material from Scopus and/or relevant databases. You are expected to use endnote for references. 
Assessment Criteria 
Introduction, Back ground 4 
Review process (evidenced from submission) 3 
Results, critical analysis of literature 9 
Discussion and conclusion 4 
N.B. Assignment must be submitted in hard copy with a school cover page with information completed. The receipt section will be returned to students as the guarantee of submission. Assessment items will be returned to students during tutorials.

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