Patient Rights and Autonony

Patient Rights and Autonony Part 1 As a clerk in the risk-management department at a local hospital, you are familiar with the concepts of patient abuse in the health care industry. Given your expertise in the field, you have been asked are to host a discussion panel on the various types of patient abuses with your colleagues. In your posting, you are to include an example of patient abuse that could occur in a hospital setting and discuss the following: • What type of abuse does your example represent (e.g., physical, psychological, financial, medical, etc.)? • How could the abuse have been prevented? Please cite reference Part 2 A successful health care organization greatly depends on the collaboration between health care professionals and patients. You are leading a training meeting with colleagues on strategies to effectively communicate with patients within legal and ethical aspects of health care. You are to create a 6-10 slide PowerPoint presentation on the American Hospital Association’s Patient’s Bill of Rights. Your presentation is to include each of the following: • An overview of the AHA’s Patient Bill of Rights and an explanation of its objectives • A list of the rights and responsibilities included in the Patient Bill of Rights • Examples of each of the following: o Effective communication techniques with patients o Basic human rights o Obligatory rights o Rights that are sanctioned under law Click here to read the American Hospital Association’s Patient’s Bill of Rights. Please cite reference

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