Obesity Among Adolescents in Vietnam

SNPG 917: Obesity Among Adolescents in Vietnam – Literature Review Assignment

Vietnam is one of lower-middle-income countries with limited resources in healthcare (Word Bank 2017); therefore, Vietnam has a high rate of malnutrition in children. According to Vietnamese National Institute of Nutrition and United Nations of Children’s Fund (2011), the 
percentage of children underweight was 17,5% while that proportion of stunting children is 29,3 %. However, in the last decade, the number of overweight/ obesity children and adolescents increased significantly from three to four times between 2000 and 2009, in 2011 
there was 23,4 % adolescents who were overweight or obesity (Vietnamese Ministry of Health 2015). While overweight or obesity can affect negatively on children physical health such as diabetes or cardiovascular (World Health Organisation, 2017), mental health problems (Krause, Lampert & Kleiber 2014, p. 252; Cortese 2009, pp.87-88), or their behaviour (Krause, Lampert & Kleiber 2014, p. 255). The terms of overweight and obesity in adolescents are defined by growth reference for school-aged children and adolescents: “overweight = one standard deviation body mass index for age and sex, and obese = two standard deviations body mass index for age and sex” (WHO 2017).


a. Brief description/summary of evidence;

b. definition of the key terms using appropriate resources

c. Critical review as evidenced

d. Identification of strengths & limitations of the evidence

e. Indicating the relevance and impact of the findings on the chosen topic and identifying the gap

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