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Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in case of another source.

Professional nursing organizations are involved in networking and in the legislative process of nursing. Professional nursing organizations such as the state boards of registered nursing and the American Nurses Association continue to benefit nurses in the profession by supporting continuing education opportunities and reduced rates and access to nursing seminars. These organizations always allow nurses to attend seminars that will enhance their practice in their specialty areas also to network with other professionals that can enhance their career even further. By networking with other professionals in a seminar environment it allows one to be exposed to new information, new ideas, new products, different and innovative techniques. Through networking one can learn new opportunities for higher positions in employment that they may not hear of otherwise. One can advance their career by networking at a professional nursing organization seminar. (Grand Canyon University, 2011)

Nursing is always subject to continual changes in legislation, due to the role that professional nursing organizations have in these legislation , nurses as individuals can benefit. Professional nursing organizations have founded a relationship with legislative decision makers due to the the expertise that nurses are viewed to have as professionals. As more nurses are encouraged to join and be involved in professional organizations, the more one can learn about the specific legislation that affects their areas in the hospital. (GCU , 2011)

Nurses are required to keep up with the always evolving information including that of the legislative decisions being made. The ANA gives nurses and those thinking about becoming nurses a forum in which to investigate nursing and learn more about being a nurse. I think that it is important for these organizations to designate a place where nurses can find information on new jobs, seminars and quality information about the standards of nursing. These platforms allow us to enhance our nursing careers as professionals. (Friberg and Creasia, 2016)

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