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R500 Portfolio Reflection

Program Learning Outcome 4: Demonstrate scholarly inquiry and reflection that exemplifies critical, creative, and systems thinking to advance the practice of nursing.

The student will write a one to two pages stating how the literature review paper has helped them achieve Program Learning Outcome 4.

This is a student example of a reflection:

The Indiana University Kokomo (IUK) program has been an experience that has influenced and refined my thoughts on nursing education.In the last several decades nursing has become more diverse, with higher patient acuities and increased nursing demands caused by a wide variance of treatment modalities (Benner, Sutphen, Leonard, Day, & Shulman, 2009).Nursing programs initially responded to the current educational needs by creating content-laden courses that required rote memorization by nursing students, however a new impetus has been promoted, which replaces content-laden curriculum with the development of critical reasoning in nursing students (Billings & Halstead, 2012; Cronenwett et al., 2005).

The IUK program has utilized a systematic approach to facilitate the same development of critical reasoning in their Masters of Science Nursing (MSN) students.Each course throughout the MSN program encouraged me to create my own knowledge-base, which allowed me to identify a need within current nursing academia, utilize relevant literature to explore solutions to the identified problem and then to propose a study to evaluate a possible remedy to that problem.

My ability to understand and utilizing evidence-based research findings is paramount for creating new and innovative teaching paradigms for student nurses.Novice nurses are now required to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patients using critical judgment, while providing evidence-based care and using quality assurance initiatives (Billings & Halstead, 2012).This course and the IUK MSN program has given me tools for understanding what is important for future nursing education, as well as how to critically think through a nursing issue, understand and judge current research and the importance of contributing to nursing research.

YES, there were references with this paper, I just did not include them. But you will include them on your paper.

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Rubric for Portfolio Reflection

Please remember the portfolio is what you will be taking to future employers as proof of your learning. Please make the portfolio a reflection of the professional you desire to become.

Value of the Portfolio 25 points


Clarity of thought

APA, Spelling, and Grammar

Content Reflects the Program Learning Outcome

Clarity ofThought

APA, Spelling,Grammar——–1 error2 or more errors
Content Reflects the Program Learning Outcome

Total Points./25

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