Research Proposal Funds Seeking,RFP and FOA

Week 11: Grant Writing

Ana has been asked by her employer, a public health organization in Peru, to seek funding to improve pneumonia detection in her rural Peruvian community. She has amassed a great deal of information on the costs of x-ray and the other technology needed, salaries and personnel, potential outcomes, and the target population. Surely all of these details will convince a potential grantor to award funds to her organization. She eagerly shares her findings with her supervisor.

“This is a great start,” he says. “Have you decided which types of funding sources to approach? Public or private? By the way, you will need to delete about half of this content while still conveying its essence.” Ana is dismayed. She does not know which type of funding source would be more appropriate for the program. Also, she thought she already had a strong basis for her grant. Does she need to be more succinct, or clarify her points better? Her confidence level begins to ebb.

Welcome to the final week of the course. This week, you will explore topics related to grant writing. You will evaluate the appropriateness of different types of funding sources as well as your own grant-writing skills. You also will examine challenges and strategies related to completing request for proposals (RFPs) and funding opportunity announcements (FOAs).

Learning Objectives

Students will:

· Evaluate appropriateness of public and private funding sources for proposed health interventions

· Evaluate personal grant-seeking skills

· Analyze challenges in seeking guidance on grant-seeking skills

· Apply skills and knowledge gained to the grant-writing process

· Evaluate strategies for funding proposals


please read through these websites along with the attached few adobe pages, as RESOURCE MATERIAL

1)There will be a pdf attached in email that is called “grantwritting”



4) I will have 3 other short adobe PDF attached , as part of LEARNING RESOURCES

Discussion: Fund-Seeking Skills

Grant writing is a necessary skill for public health practice and health education and promotion. Writing a proposal for a grant requires many of the skills that have been addressed in this course, such as identifying a problem based on a literature review and/or empirical evidence, consulting with and engaging community stakeholders, and conceptually designing and evaluating programs and public health interventions.

Public funding is available through grants and cooperative agreements from government agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In addition, several private sector sources of funding are available through foundations such as Kellogg and Robert Wood Johnson that have interests in health promotion and disease prevention.

Public and private agencies periodically announce and publish RFPs or FOAs through a variety of media, including web pages, newsletters, and circulars.

For this week’s Discussion, identify two RFPs or FOAs (one public and one private) or one RFP and one FOA that would help fund your identified Final Project intervention.

Assignment 1: Applying RFP and FOA Skills

Given the high stakes associated with RFPs and FOAs and the detailed paperwork that accompanies them, fund seeking might be an intimidating endeavor to an individual without experience. Yet the first guideline provided by the Center for Rural Health (n.d.) is something based on common sense: Read the directions carefully. Of course, not all strategies are this obvious. Consider the scenario presented in this week’s Introduction. What processes or skills might Ana need to improve and/or apply to seek funding for her organization’s program to reduce pneumonia in the community?


Paper: 2–3 pages:

For this week’s Assignment, consider your Final Project and the possibility of applying for a grant to implement your intervention or study.

Explain how you would apply the skills and knowledge gained in this course to the grant writing process. What strategies would you use when submitting an RFP and an FOA? Be specific and provide an example of how you would apply at least one skill you have learned and at least one example of knowledge gained from the course.

(I will attache my FINAL PROJECT in email so you can see the topic: Obesity in rural aduts in West Virginia).

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