Capstone Project – Outcomes and Content.

Module 3: Capstone Project – Outcomes and Content


Overview: Capstone Project – Goals/Content/Outline/Strategies/References

In this assignment, you will describe the subject, problems, or issues you want to address. You will answer the following questions:

1. How do we know this is a problem or issue?

2. Who needs the information about the problem or issue?

3. What are possible solutions?

4. How will dissemination of this researched information impact behavior?


· Develop and refine Capstone Project goals, content, outline, and implementation/presentation on strategies

· Decide on Capstone project design

· Develop draft of Capstone project


Use this rubric to guide your work on the Module 2 assignment.

NOTE: All assignments and discussion posts are expected to be completed on time.

Indications(25 Points)Clear statement of specific problem or issue and its unique importance(25 Points)General statement of problem or issue, with indication of importance not being clearly stated.(15 Points)Addresses only the problem statement or the issue.(10 Points)No clear statement of important problem or issue(0 Points)
Audience(25 Points)Clear description of target audience, including description of setting for presentation and why this audience was targeted(25 Points)Description of target audience is not specific to setting or why this audience was chosen.(15 Points)Describes only the audience or the setting but not both.(10 Points)No description of either audience or setting.( 0 Points)
Implications(25 Points)Clear and strong analysis of how presentation of information will change the behaviors of target audience members and the resulting impact on the problem or issueWell-articulated and clearly detailed synopsis(25 Points)Statement of how presentation will affect audience membersArticulated in general terms and synopsis lacking detail*(15 Points)Statement is weak and general as to how the information will change the audience of issuePoorly articulated and synopsis lacking detail(10 Points)Weak or no statement of how information will change audience or issueNo synopsis and no detail( 0 Points)
Grid and APA format(25 Points)Clear description of type of information dissemination, including details about the types of visual aids and verbal presentation or demonstration strategies to be used to interact with audience members. Grid is completed as per example with no errors or omissions. No APA/grammar errors.(25 Points)Grid is missing needed items. Statement of type of information dissemination, including at least one visual strategy and at least one verbal strategy. 1-3 APA errors.(15 Points)Grid is missing items. Lacks either a visual or a verbal strategy. 4 or more APA/grammar errors.(10 Points)Grid is not completed. More than 4 APA errors. Weak or no statement of how information will be presented.(0 Points)


Describe in the space below the topic, problem, or issue within the focus area that your Capstone Project will address. Explain why this issue is important and why you selected it in particular. Provide examples of situations related to the issue in your practice and other examples you might expect to see in your selected focus area.


Describe in the space below your target audience, including the setting for which your information dissemination will be planned. This project is designed for an in-person setting so an internet or online audience/setting would not be appropriate for your presentation. You may mention other populations who would benefit from this information as well, but explain why you decided to address your target audience.


In your Capstone Project, you will be developing a mechanism to disseminate important information related to the topic you have selected. Explain, in detail, the impact of directing this information to the appropriate audience(s). Please make sure you have considered all aspects (financial, regulatory, accrediting, safety and patient satisfaction outcome, issues and aspects of the implication):

Outcomes and Content

You have already submitted your draft Outcomes and Content topics, so you need to use the provided grid and make any needed changes. For this assignment, you must also include at least three references per outcome. You may include references that are not from peer-reviewed journals, but be judicious in their use, and do not include those in your count of required articles. Remember that all references must be less than five years old.


In the grid, describe each visual aid, handout, and/or verbal presentation/demonstration strategy that your information dissemination would include. You may use the same strategies for each outcome, or you may “mix and match”. Here are some of the types of visual aids you might use:

Slides (like PowerPoint)









Here are some of the types of verbal strategies you might use:



Guided questions

Expert panel

Guided hands-on training

Be sure to include a Q&A session for the conclusion of your presentation.


In the grid, record the amount of time needed for each activity or part of your presentation. Include time for Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Please review this example for the grid:

By the end of the presentation, 98% of the audience will be able to identify three ways to prevent falls in the LTC until.(Be sure to make any needed changes based on comments from Module 2’s graded assignment).Fall PreventionDoe, J. (2014). How to prevent falls in a long term care unit. Journal of Fall Prevention, 8(26), 23-32. Retrieved from ESBOhost.Nursing InterventionsSmith, T. (2013). When a patient falls: What the nurse should do. American Journal of Geriatrics, 7(12), 23-31. Retrieved from ESBOhost.Complications from falls in the elderlyYing, X. (2015). What can we do to stop falls among the elderly. Journal of Fall Prevention, 10(3), 14-23. Retrieved from EBSOhost.PPTLectureGuided Discussion15 minutes
Complete the rest of the grid as shown above.Remember that you will need at least three references per outcome.Complete for all outcomesComplete for all outcomes

Below is a table that you can utilize to complete your assignment. Please remember to ask questions if you are unclear. Add as many extra rows to the grid as you need.



Please write out your references in proper APA format. Your evaluation submission for your project will include a formal reference page, so this portion of the assignment will allow your coach to make comments for improvement.

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