Assignment for Melanoma Skin Cancer.

Melanoma / Skin Cancer Assignment

Navigate the Melanoma Research Foundation Website:

  1. Watch the video on the home page, bottom right corner titled “Meet the MRF” (also included as a link in this module)
  2. Navigate these sites under the “Understanding Melanoma” tab ( link on the module)
  3. Preventing Melanoma
      1. Preventing Melanoma
      2. Why is Tanning Dangerous?
      3. I Think I Have Melanoma
      4. Melanoma Risk Factors
      5. Early Detection
      6. Self-Screening Guide
    1. Diagnosing Melanoma
        1. Diagnosing Melanoma
        2. Detection & Screening
          1. Detection & Screening
          2. ABCDEs of Melanoma
        3. Melanoma Pathology
        4. Stages of Diagnosis
      1. Perform a self- assessment per the Self Screening Guide
      2. Written assignment: Personal reflection- due to dropbox  “Skin Cancer Topic”

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