Concepts of adverse selection

Question Description

An important portion of the grade will be including the concepts of adverse selection, moral hazard, and risk aversion as they apply to health care in your paper. Defining the terms is not as necessary as showing that you know how to use and apply the terms in the health care industry. Your opinion may be weaved through the paper as you wish, however the insurance market, life expectancy, and international comparisons are to be included.

Part of the assignment is to find another paper (worth 8 points) that is applicable to the health care debate (adverse selection, moral hazard, risk aversion, the insurance market or international comparison). Note that this article will be graded on applicability (4 pts) and support of your opinion (4 pts). Please attach a copy of the article to the paper.

The paper must conform to our defined standards: 1” borders (all FOUR borders), your name, etc. in the header, 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced and only one page (a second page is only for references or citations, if needed). Proper spelling, use of grammar, etc. will detract from the paper and therefore have points deducted. Please indent the beginning of your paragraphs rather than using an extra line to separate paragraphs. The grading rubric below is included as a guide in writing your paper.

Grading Rubric

_____ Paper 1 page long – 4 points deducted if page requirement is not met (1” borders, too long, too short, etc.)

_____Name in the “Header” (11 point font is preferable), title & date if you wish – 4 pts deducted

_____ Grammar/Typographical/Spelling errors – 4 points subtracted for each error

_____ Discussion of adverse selection/moral hazard/risk aversion/the insurance market/and international comparisons must be examined in the paper – 20 points (4 pts each)

_____ Additional Article – 8 points: applicability to the discussion and your opinion discussing an aspect of the current debate about our health care (4 points each)

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