Healthcare systems

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  1. Describe the basic structure and function of the healthcare systems of both Canada and the United States. How does a publicly-administered system in Canada cheaper compared to the United States?
  2. What are the criticisms of the Canadian health care system and do you feel these could be issues faced by the United States in a matter of time?
  3. What have been the negative impacts on health care provision as a result of the reform bill?How will this shape the landscape of health care in the future?Think deeply about this one and explain thoroughly.
  4. What are the positives and negatives of the reform bill?What populations are helped the most and what populations are hurt the most?Why?
  5. Why do some politicians view the Affordable Care Act as a Socialist bill?
  6. Looking at health care systems around the world, explain how those in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada are financed. Be specific in how these equate to “free” health care.
  7. Given your study (or lack thereof) of health care systems around the world, if you could live in one country in part due to its health care system, where would you live and why (you may NOT pick the United States)?
  8. Briefly describe how you would amend the Affordable Care Act. How would you try to improve it? If you want to repeal it or play devil’s advocate and repeal it, what would be your solution and why?
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