Address the concept of the lived experience of mental health and illness.

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Explain how the lived experience of Sandy Jeffs, as told through stories and poetry, enable mental health professionals to align their practice with the recovery principles as outlinedin the National Recovery framework for recovery orientated mental health services.

In your discussion you need to address the following:

1. The concept of the lived experience of mental health and illness; – The lived experience and insights of people with mental health issues and
their families are at the heart of this framework. Like all members of the community, people with experience of mental health issues desire sustaining
relationships, meaningful occupations, and safety and respect in their lives.

2. The concept of recovery in the experience of mental health and illness;

3. An outline of the main ideas from the National framework for recovery-oriented mental health services: guide for practitioners and providers;

4. Provide examples from the work of Sandy Jeffs to illustrate your argument about how mental health professionals can implement recovery orientated practice.

5. You must, at a minimum, refer to the two poems by Sandy Jeffs, and the audio-visual link, located with this question on the LEO site.

6. Links have been placed on LEO to the Department Health site A National framework forrecovery-oriented mental health services: the guide for practitioners and providers.

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