The field of health care

Question Description

It’s important to recognize the different professions that could be a part of a health care team. This activity begins the examination process by having you research jobs within the field and identifying the competencies necessary to apply for those jobs. As you create this list, reflect on your current skills and talents and gauge where you feel your competency levels are currently and what competencies you would like to develop.

By completing this activity, you will:

  • Identify and analyze three competencies required within the field of health care.
  • Compare and contrast the competencies within the field to your own knowledge, skills, and abilities and identify one goal you would like to set for yourself.

Based on your research, write at least a 300 word reflection with the following information:

  • Discuss why being recognized as a profession is of value to the health unit coordinating field.
  • List three common competencies for health care unit coordinators (or related profession) based on the job descriptions you researched.
  • What differences did you observe in competencies by organization type? Did you observe any differences?
  • What learning goal would you like to set for yourself during this course/month/year based on the skill sets and requirements observed in in the job postings you researched and why?
  • Feel free to include any other information you find helpful or important, remember to be creative.

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