Home health programs

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Patients often require home health care services, which can be daunting to set up within one’s home. Not only do you need to worry about the care being provided, there are considerations regarding licensure, as well as honesty and reliability of the caretakers. Sadly there are companies out there set up to conduct fraudulent activities within the homes of their patients, which is one reason that many people feel home health care should be regulated better.

Assignment Details:

You are an office manager for a surgical clinic, and many of your patients are referred to home health programs. To assist your patients, create an educational handout with checklist helping them to determine what they should look for in a home healthcare agency. Make sure you include data and research to help show the patients the needs for reliable and highly trained home healthcare workers. Your handout should include both text as well as visual aids, such as graphs and pictures.

Assignment Rubric:

Grading Criteria PointsPointsTotal
Handout contains information regarding home healthcare services from reliable data sources50
Handout contains a checklist for patients and their families to use40
Contains visual aids to illustrate the points and provide data25
Grammar and spelling are correct, at least 5 APA references used25
Submitted as an attachment by the due date10

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