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  • Ethics Training PowerPoint Presentation

    Assignment Purpose:Healthcare managers often are responsible for training new employees as well as annual refresher training in important areas. A good healthcare manager should be able to create comprehensive yet informative presentation for their staff.
    Assignment Description: Create an ethics training PPT for new employees hired into a hospital. The presentation should be at least 10 slides (not including the title and reference slides) and utilize speaker’s notes or recording. The presentation should cover the ethics training needed for any new employee that is hired at a hospital. Make sure to include the concepts of negligence, malpractice, beneficence and patient self-determination.

    Evaluation Criteria: Grading Criteria PointsPointsTotalPresentation covers ethics training issues, uses speaker’s notes35Proper format, slide count, spelling, and grammar5Include references in APA format, minimum of 5 sources5Uploaded assignment on time in PowerPoint document5Total50

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