Criteria for Synthesis Essays

We have four themes during the course of the semester. You must write two essays that synthesize the ideas, arguments, and discussions from two of these themes. Each essay should be based on a different theme. For instance, you could write about theme #2 (Power, Rights, and Poverty)  for your first essay and theme #3 (Health and poverty) for your second essay. Here are the four themes:

Theme #1: Culture and Community

Theme #2: Power, Rights, and Poverty

Theme #3: Health and poverty

Theme #4: Environment, Health, and Power (which you must tie to the last theme, Change)

Criteria: for your synthesis essays, you need create a syllogism, and bring together different ideas that we covered in class and in the readings. Then, you need to write a 3-4 page essay that creates and proves an argument based on the syllogism. The essay should be double-spaced, 1” margins. 12-point font, and have all necessary citations and references . You will lose points if you do not cite where you get your information from. Generally, you should aim to connect and discuss three or four of the readings/films discussed under each theme. The synthesis essay are due two weeks after the theme finishes. Your essay must be submitted to Blackboard under the link. As always, plagiarism will automatically count as a “0” for this assignment.

You will be graded on the following elements: 1) strength and placement of thesis; 2) ability to support and prove thesis; 3) organization of the essay; 4) explanation of key terms; 5) knowledge and comprehension of readings; 6) clarity of writing; and 7) use of academic standards, such having citations and references

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