Health insurance plan


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  • A brief overview of different types of health insurance plans that your practice accepts.
  • Explain why insurance verification is required and why it is important for the organization to verify benefits and collect co-payments and bill patients for portion of coverage that will not be covered by insurance and third party payers.
  • Explain the difference between accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  • Provide two other insurance terms or concepts that would be important for the new employees to understand.
  • Describe two reimbursement models and the role of the physician in each model.
  • How do government and private insurers influence how physicians practice today?
  • Why is accurate and complete documentation in the electronic health record important to reimbursement and quality of care?
  • What other members of the healthcare team who do not provide direct care to patients contribute to cost containment and delivery of healthcare services

NOTE: Use at least two scholarly references and cite using APA format.

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